Manna Cart

Manna means “what is it?” God provided manna to the Israelites and by faith we know God will provide for us so we can bless those on the streets of Liverpool.

Walking through the streets of Liverpool you see that the need is great. There are rough sleepers (homeless) on most corners. Manna Cart is the brain child of Stephanie and Hollie with YWAM Liverpool. Both ladies were going out with Steps of Hope ministry in Liverpool and in seeing how great the need was longed to do more than just twice a month. Thus sparked the idea for Manna Cart which goes out weekly with two trollies of food and hot beverages. The hope is to eventually add in toiletries and other necessities. The dream… well the dream is already big and growing in hopes of how God will use this ministry in the future.

Every Thursday evening, we bring hot drinks, food, and Bibles to homeless people in the city centre of Liverpool. We know many of the people by name and God has given us many opportunities to pray with them and to talk with them about Jesus. We hope that in the future we will have enough volunteers and donations to also distribute toiletries and clothing. Currently, the ministry is primarily funded by our staff contributions, though we have seen a number of very helpful donations come in! On average we feed 60 people, for an average of £45 per week. A few months ago, one of the men we regularly encounter was given a bracelet with beads representing the gospel message. He is still wearing the bracelet, and we still see him showing it to others and telling them how much it means to him. We don’t expect to see overnight changes in the people we speak with, but we build relationship through consistency.