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Autumn  2020

The DTS  is a life changing experience. Whether you are called to full time missions, or simply want a firm Biblical foundation for your life, DTS is for you!


The purpose of this school is for trainees to build strong foundational beliefs.  Our desire is to see trainees grow deeper in their understanding of who God is and who He has created them to be.

You will receive on the job training through lectures, one on one mentoring, peer support and practically engaging in outreach in Liverpool.

Part 1: Lecture Phase: During the lecture phase, we learn about who God is and who He has called us to be. This DTS in Liverpool is longer than a typical DTS because we emphasize local outreach. Trainees learn through Biblical teaching, small groups, and one-on-one discipleship. Every other week in the lecture phase is focused on outreach in Liverpool.


Part 2: Outreach Phase: The outreach phase consists of a cross-cultural outreach. We go to support existing ministries and to share the Gospel and Jesus’ love with others. Through this outreach, we gain a better understanding of missions around the world.



Come and be part of our amazing friendly city in north west England. Get to know it, know God’s heart for it and be part of a team who want to see Liverpool transformed by God’s love.

Liverpool is a city famous for it's friendliness, music, sport and pioneering new things.  God loves our city and has an amazing plan for it's future. This DTS will help you see if you are part of that future!

There is a desperate need for Jesus in Liverpool. Too many people go through life without knowing that they are loved and valued. We aim to make a difference in individuals’ lives by restoring their dignity through genuine relationship, and giving them hope by introducing them to Jesus. We believe that God wants to see Liverpool restored!

School Leaders: Michael & Stephanie

Michael and Stephanie Chesterman along with their son Ryder, from the USA, are going to be leading the Urban Restoration DTS. They are passionate about Jesus and love seeing people experience the good news of the Kingdom.  They have lots of experience in staffing and leading DTSs in South Africa.